Museum Projection Mapping

3D projection mapping was created for the festival Lávka River Stage, which took place in the historical centre of Prague near the Charles Bridge. This installation of projection on the building was accompanied by performances of experimental juggling, dance choreography and acrobatic numbers, which took place on a floating stage in the middle of the river. Together with Peter Krejčík, Cirque Garuda worked for over two months creating 3D animation for this projection mapping installation. The result was then, with the help of special software and high performance projectors, unified with architectural shapes of the building.

In addition to Club Lávka, large number of spectators were able to observe the whole performance and 3D projection mapping from the Charles Bridge. People that was passing by watched with astonishment performances that were happening on the floating stage in the middle of the Vlatava river. The main event of the new circus performance was the show of Christine Vlckova, which was performed by acrobats on a slack rope that was stretched between the pontoon and the Charles Bridge, right above the river level. This performance was the highlight of the evening, Christine looked like a fairy from the old Prague legends when she carried out her acrobatic performance without fear on the slack rope.

Concept and animations: Ati & Petr Krecik

Music: Vojta Dedina & Moderat

Juggler - Ati