Learn how to juggle

Do you want to learn how to juggle and to increase coordination and capacity of your brain? Juggler Ati will teach you how to use juggling balls and juggling clubs or teach you contact juggling and also how to ride a unicycle. Juggling workshops will challenge employees on team building events or entertain children in birthday parties. This art can be learned by anybody between 9 and 99 years. With professional teaching methods, beginners can very rapidly progress and advanced jugglers can increase their skills and learn new juggling tricks. At first look it could seem that juggling is a difficult thing to learn, but most beginners can learn to juggle three balls within fifteen minutes.

Juggling is not only entertainment. According last scientific research juggling increase capacity of brain, growth of grey matter and increase brain connections. This research had also proven that learning how to juggle release stress, increase ability to concentrate and is also powerful force against Alzheimer disease. So as we can see learning juggling has lot of positive therapeutic effects, the last thing we have to do is to grab three balls and start learning this ancient art.

Learn juggling from video

Do you want to learn how to juggle from the comfort of your home? No problem, in the following video lessons Ati will show you the basics of juggling with easy steps that you can combine to create complicated tricks.