Welcome to the website Ati Sphere,
dimension of imagination.

Ati is artist that creates new
circus, experimental juggling
and audio-visual performances.
In this website you can
view videos from performances
and projection mapping installations.

Juggling Performance

Ati always searches ways of using circus techniques
as an artistic expression. His performance is a unique
combination of different disciplines of new circus,
contemporary juggling and interactive projection.
He focuses mainly on Contact Juggling, hypnotic play
of crystal spheres, furthermore Cube Act, where
the juggler is manipulating with gigantic cube
and last but not least Light Show. These acts are
becoming part of theater performances, festivals
and corporate events. Videos from these spectacles
you can find in the Show section.

Ati is performing in Czech and abroad last 15 years. He is founder of new circus and audio-visual company Cirque Garuda. If you want to find what’s up, please visit my blog.

Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping is new way of doing projection
on objects or buildings. This method is working
with the existing shapes of the surface
so the object seem to be alive. With the help
of special software the animation are warped to whatever surface or building. In the Video Mapping section of this site you can view different projects from this art form.

Interactive Projection

With his company Cirque Garuda Ati creates link between new circus and interactive projection. In this way a live scenography is created, which organically responds to the movements of acrobats and dancers.