Projection mapping

Projection mapping or video mapping is a new artistic field that transforms any object or building into a dynamic projection surface. Utilizing special software the projection is unified with the surface of the object or architecture. In this way the audience can have an experience of augmented reality, where the projection seems more concrete then the object itself. Projection mapping is a new way to interpret the existing environment that surrounds us every day. The power of light adds a new dimension and makes still objects alive and vivid.

History of Projection Mapping

Even though projection mapping is new artistic discipline, its roots goes back to the sixties. The first attempt took place in Disneyland, where they projected video on statues to create talking heads. This technique is becoming more popular since 2000 thanks to spread of 3D and 2D animation software and thanks to accessibility of special projection mapping software. This special projection mapping software allows to unify animated visuals with shapes of projection surface. Public popularity of projection mapping became widespread with projecting on buildings that could be seen by masses. Like every artistic field has its different directions, also in this audio visual art are different approaches. This scale goes from black and white abstract animations to large corporate presentations. Another recent use of this modern art is in theatre and dance companies. Scenography of the performances is created by rendered animations, or by interactive projection using different sensors, to track movement of the performers.

Ati and Projection Mapping

Ati has been creating video mapping installations for buildings and specific objects as well as theatre and new circus performances. Since 2011 Ati has been collaborating with other artists on projects in Czech and abroad under the name of audio visual and new circus company Cirque Garuda. Apart from video mapping projects, Ati creates interactive projection shows. Scenography of the performances is created by links between projection and choreography of the acrobats.

Cirque Garuda - Lavka River Stage 2012
Project that was created as part of Lavka River Stage 2012 festival in Prague near by Charles bridge.

projection mapping on Smetana museum

Cirque Garuda - Pantokine
Performance that combine projection, pantomime and acrobatic.

acrobat performing with interactive projection in Pantokine performance

Video mapping as part of the Cube Act performance.