Juggler Ati

Juggler Ati is involved in experimental juggling for over 17 years. On his juggling path he is fascinated by the approach of new circus, which transforms usual juggling techniques into visual art. Juggler Ati is gradually moving from classical disciplines like juggling with balls and clubs toward more modern approaches such as Contact Juggling or Cube Act. In these performances the juggler manipulates simple shapes with dynamic movements combined with stage lights creating abstract pictures. This approach is typical for new circus performance, where the juggler is searching for ways to use simple shapes or objects of daily use and give them new dynamic existence. An important artist in this field was Michael Moschen who developed modern juggling techniques like contact juggling and many others in the eighties.

Juggler is Artist

Juggler Ati is connecting his performances with digital technologies. In his light show Ati is using juggling props “pixel module” that creates graphical light display in space or juggling clubs that changes colour with the music. Another unique approach is combining projection with juggling like in performances where a giant cube is used for projection mapping. Ati is always trying to push the artistic boundaries by creating mix media shows that inspiring not only the audience but also himself. He is performing in new circus shows, corporate events and festivals.

He is performing in new circus shows, corporate events and festivals.