Light show of Juggler Ati

Unique Light show, linking revolutionary luminous technology and dexterity of juggler. This visual performance is possible to adapt for every client and strengthen company brand identity. By new cutting edge technology pixel module is possible to integrate logos and other designs in performance. Light show of juggler Ati will enrich and enchant guests on any corporate event or party. Audience will be during this performance surrounded by colourful kaleidoscopic display of lights, created by LED juggling props.

Ati appears with his Light show on corporate events, parties, awards ceremonies and festivals in Europe but also in fare places like in India. This light show performance is composed of two parts, Glow Clubs and Pixel Juggling.

Pixel Juggling

Light show in which the juggler is surrounded by glowing graphical displays created by pixel module technology. The juggling props are filed with powerful LED diodes and can be programed to display any graphical design or company logos. These devices create traces that form in to colourful ornaments, in this way audience is experiencing illusory ever-changing vision.

Ati - Pixel Juggling from Cirque Garuda on Vimeo.

Glow Clubs Light show

Performance with glowing juggling clubs that are programed to change colour, in relation to changes in music or choreography. Stage on your event will be filed with pulsating variety of colours during this Light show. Years of refined juggling skills in conjunction with light that is synchronised with music, will create unique emotional feeling for your guests. Glowing clubs can be programed to any music track.

Ati - Glow Clubs from Cirque Garuda on Vimeo.

Technical Specifications

This Lightshow can be performed as solo act of Juggler Ati, or as group performance with three to five jugglers. Group performance is especially suitable for parties and corporate events with larger stages. Your event will be filed with dazzling lights created by choreography of this group. If you deliver logo of your company or other design we can incorporate it in to our lightshow. Light show is possible to combine other performances of juggler Ati like Cube Act or Contact Juggling.

Length of performance: 6 or 10 minutes

Stage requirements: 4m x 4m for solo or 6m x 4m for group performance